Ski, hair loss and end of treatment

Beginning December, I went on a ski trip even though I wasn’t done with radiotherapy.
I met other young adults and teens facing cancer. I learned a lot from them but mainly, I just learned that we are just regular peyoung people and that despite everything we just like having fun and being normal.Beginning December, I went on a ski trip even though I wasn’t done with radiotherapy.
I met other young adults and teens facing cancer. I learned a lot from them but mainly, I just learned that we are just regular young people and that despite everything, we just like having fun and being normal. I think the team that took us there was surprised they could have so much fun with “sick” people.

Of course, I was too weak to ski properly but still went for a bit just so I can say I went skying while having cancer treatments! And the view was amazing! I just love mountains! We ate raclette and did apero with beer, wine and shots (no kidding!)

It was an awesome experience and I’m thankful for Cheer Up association to have take us there together.



Surprisingly, I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes super late! Like 1 month after being done with chemo. I really had no much left anymore so it was kind of hard to see myself like this but it actually start growing up pretty fast after that, so that was juste a 2-3 weeks issue!
I learned how to fake them anyway!




I had some bad episodes of weakness and fatigue as well as very low blood pressure.
Sometimes, it got me very worry! Especially when I was alone in Paris so I guess I started freaking out when it happen and that induced some panick attacks where I couldn’t breathe anymore!

That was honestly quite harsh to move in a new apartment in Paris alone. My parents weren’t down for it but I really wanted to try to get back to normal young adult life so I did it anyway. I think that now I manage those fears better.

Also, for new years eve, it was quite weird for me. I was exactly at the same place I was 1 year ago and with the same people, and this brought back intense emotions. I felt like a true survivor and very thankful and blessed to be here tonight. So when people came to me to wish me lots of great things I couldn’t retain my tears. But it wasn’t tears of sadness.

Since I didn’t want to people to feel awkward about me crying around, I tried to escape and then I was really touched that the friend that came and took me in her arms was the one that life and cancer hit the hardest by taking her child away…


Thank you for being so amazing and supportive when you went and you still go through hell and I want to dedicate this post to little Alexander that I did not have the honor to get to know. I think about him very often when I see his pics around the house.
Just reminds me how lucky I am and how important my voice and my role to play as a survivor is important.

Finally, hair is growing great and I just turned 25 years old, celebrating with friends. It was amazing to see them all again, certain people after a long while.

Radiotherapy ended after 15 round on December 15th, and I just had my PET scan on January 19th.

The results came back amazing. Complete official remission and treatments are final and done. I’m free!



Next appointment for follow-up is in 4 months! And I got my cath removal surgery approved for March 7th! Meaning that I won’t have this foreign object under my skin and in my vein anymore after that date! So exciting as it’s sensitive and since it keeps reminding me that I was sick.

I’ll keep the blog but probably won’t post too often! However, I will probably keep you in touch with my hair growth and the cath removal and everything that is talking to me, like the associations I have joined and for which I’ll take part into some actions about cancer and other things that I feel concerned about!

Thanks for reading me and being so supportive friends, you are truly amazing! Wish you the best year to come! Good luck <3

Author: Sally

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  • Greg Page

    Amazing post. I have no idea what led me to check back to take a look at the blog today, but I did, and it was great to see the word “remission.” All the best wishes from a fellow survivor in Les Etats-Unis. Keep on keepin’ on!!