Ski, hair loss and end of treatment

Beginning December, I went on a ski trip even though I wasn’t done with radiotherapy.
I met other young adults and teens facing cancer. I learned a lot from them but mainly, I just learned that we are just regular peyoung people and that despite everything we just like having fun and being normal.Beginning December, I went on a ski trip even though I wasn’t done with radiotherapy.
I met other young adults and teens facing cancer. I learned a lot from them but mainly, I just learned that we are just regular young people and that despite everything, we just like having fun and being normal. I think the team that took us there was surprised they could have so much fun with “sick” people.

Of course, I was too weak to ski properly but still went for a bit just so I can say I went skying while having cancer treatments! And the view was amazing! I just love mountains! We ate raclette and did apero with beer, wine and shots (no kidding!)

It was an awesome experience and I’m thankful for Cheer Up association to have take us there together.



Surprisingly, I lost my eyebrows and eyelashes super late! Like 1 month after being done with chemo. I really had no much left anymore so it was kind of hard to see myself like this but it actually start growing up pretty fast after that, so that was juste a 2-3 weeks issue!
I learned how to fake them anyway!




I had some bad episodes of weakness and fatigue as well as very low blood pressure.
Sometimes, it got me very worry! Especially when I was alone in Paris so I guess I started freaking out when it happen and that induced some panick attacks where I couldn’t breathe anymore!

That was honestly quite harsh to move in a new apartment in Paris alone. My parents weren’t down for it but I really wanted to try to get back to normal young adult life so I did it anyway. I think that now I manage those fears better.

Also, for new years eve, it was quite weird for me. I was exactly at the same place I was 1 year ago and with the same people, and this brought back intense emotions. I felt like a true survivor and very thankful and blessed to be here tonight. So when people came to me to wish me lots of great things I couldn’t retain my tears. But it wasn’t tears of sadness.

Since I didn’t want to people to feel awkward about me crying around, I tried to escape and then I was really touched that the friend that came and took me in her arms was the one that life and cancer hit the hardest by taking her child away…


Thank you for being so amazing and supportive when you went and you still go through hell and I want to dedicate this post to little Alexander that I did not have the honor to get to know. I think about him very often when I see his pics around the house.
Just reminds me how lucky I am and how important my voice and my role to play as a survivor is important.

Finally, hair is growing great and I just turned 25 years old, celebrating with friends. It was amazing to see them all again, certain people after a long while.

Radiotherapy ended after 15 round on December 15th, and I just had my PET scan on January 19th.

The results came back amazing. Complete official remission and treatments are final and done. I’m free!



Next appointment for follow-up is in 4 months! And I got my cath removal surgery approved for March 7th! Meaning that I won’t have this foreign object under my skin and in my vein anymore after that date! So exciting as it’s sensitive and since it keeps reminding me that I was sick.

I’ll keep the blog but probably won’t post too often! However, I will probably keep you in touch with my hair growth and the cath removal and everything that is talking to me, like the associations I have joined and for which I’ll take part into some actions about cancer and other things that I feel concerned about!

Thanks for reading me and being so supportive friends, you are truly amazing! Wish you the best year to come! Good luck <3

Week in Paris

Sunday, September 25th

I arrive pretty late at the train station in Paris. Paola come get me and we go eat at a restaurant around. Then I go to Mika’s apartment where I stay.
Tomorrow, I have class at 8AM. Like the all the following days (except wednesday).

Monday, I wake up and head to class for 8AM-7PM non stop. There’s even a worse day than that! Thursday, 8AM- 8.30PM! Wow

The challenging part is not only to make it as a long day of class but also to run during lunch break to get my Granocyte injection at a nurse office, next to the school.

After class on Monday, I’m very tired. But I’m pretty proud to have gotten through the day.

Tuesday, I have to start the Granocyte shot series and I’m afraid of feeling painful during class. Finally, it’s hurting but it would be hurting at my house too so I try to ignore the pain and listen to the teacher. I have a bad moment of intense fatigue but it gets better few hours after.

I go home after class to rest and then decide to join some friends at a bar at 10PM to see a band play. The band is really great and the bar atmosphere is cool!


I last like an hour and half and then go home to sleep at midnight.

Wednesday, I have class a bit later so I take the time to wake up. Friday is coming up fast and I’m supposed to go home in the South right after class.. I text my best friends to meet up at night so I can finally see them.

At night, we meet with Paola and her boyfriend, Jules (my supermate while in California) and Thibaut (a great friend from medical school and later on, my roomate). We laughed so much that night, my ribs were hurting!

14466283_10157424615750548_1678215553_o 14513645_10157424616245548_743253072_o












My friends wearing my wig Ha Ha!

Thursday, I am so tired. The shots of Granocytes are not making it easier neither. I’m present in class but my brain is dead. I go home and sleep after it’s over.

Friday, after class I go with Mika and his roomate to a friend’s place in the South of France, not very far from my place, for her bday. In Montélimar.

I was supposed to go home but I negotiated the night off with my parents! We do a nice diner at night and the morning, we go to the farmers market get fresh food for lunch.
After eating, I go home.




Week-end and Friends

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Friday, September 9th

I slept a lot. So I have some energy for when my friends arrive tonight.

Paola is coming. She’s sort of my best friend. We met first year at the uni. She’s very independent but very cool and caring when you get to know her. We don’t skype 6 times a week or whatever. But I know she’s here for me. And every time I come back to France, I spend few days hanging out with her. We had so many great moments. Ski weeks, nights in Paris, week-ends in Normandy, the year in California! So many memories. In California, we were roommates! And we also shared a car. Oh and how can I forget, the spring break in Cabo San Lucas! Damn! To put it in a word: We lived ! And I look forward to many more moments!

And there is Mika! A friend I met from Paola. Very cool and caring. I’m touched he’s coming too! I hope we will get to know better each other !


The time they get here, it’s already past 8PM.

Too late for the sunset but we still go to Cassis, picnic in front of the water! With tons of food and Rosé.

After diner, we are all pretty tired so we go to sleep to be ready for tomorrow.


Saturday, we brunch and then go to Cassis around noon. I show them the first Calanques but my mum doesn’t want me to hike to the second one under the sun and since I’m not 100% at my full capacity. So it will be for another time. The Calanques are beautiful but to reach some of them, you need sometimes even 3-4 hours of hike. But it’s so beautiful and the little beaches there are very dreamy. I will do it soon and take pics!

We go to the beach. On the way, we pass by our car and someone tell us that the car is open. What ? Well, apparently my mum left the door open… I feel bad, she’s kinda acting with half of her brain working these days but I know it’s because of me and all the stress. The battery doesn’t start anymore so we have to call my dad to help us.

Anyway, we go to the beach. The water is good! And we play cards. Tarot.

We go to a little beach bar with the view on the water. Very nice. My brother joins us. I take a large detox cocktail.

14303707_10153940225872219_1136100695_o-2 14393139_10209435336014261_1220879725_o-1-2






My dad come. We have to call maintenant because it doesn’t start, even with the cables. We go home. It’s passed 6PM but like the perfect time to hit the pool because it’s not exposed to the sun anymore.
It feels great, with the beers and beer without alcohol.

At night, we decide to go out. The thing is, entrance is free at the rooftop before 9PM. So we eat fast. I skip my nap as well.

Once there, the queue is too long, there is no way to make it before 9 so we decide to go get a drink somewhere else first. I take an espresso. I kinda need it actually.

Then we go to R2 Rooftop. It’s a “Back to School” night, with very old mix like Love is Gone. I hope my friends don’t take the people from Marseille and the South for retards. Ha Ha. Normally, the music here is cool. Anyway, we enjoy the moment.

14374797_10209435337494298_1594022162_o-2 14324549_668467973304879_6132994584479642597_o-1







The next day, I wake up and feel super tired and weak. I can barely stay conscious. So I ask my dad to take my vitals. 8 of tension instead of 11-12. Hypotension. I guess dancing till midnight got all my strengths now that I am a grandma. Also, I think I should maybe not skip my naps …
I eat a bit and then my dad decide to drive us around Marseille so I don’t walk feeling like this.

We go to eat a Couscous. Yummy! Plus in Marseille, it’s like so CHEAP. Less than 10 bucks for huge couscous plate with all kind of meats. We share one with my dad and I finish my whole half!


My friends leave back to Paris already! I feel the week-end was too short! But I will see them in a week.

When I go home, I sleep. I sleep a lot. I need to do the Granocyte shots and it hurts and make my sleep really uncomfortable. I don’t like it.
My belly also is not happy. Too many medications and total hormonal disorganization since I took off my contraceptive implant. I hope it will go away soon.



Get the energy back

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Thursday, September 1st

I have 6 days left before next chemo. I feel better!
Yesterday, I went to Cassis with my friend and my mum.

I took a nap under the umbrellas.

Today, we are visiting Marseille with my friend Sabrina. The museums, the Mucem and the Mediterranean Museum. They are really well done and interesting! Plus, they are free for young adults 18-25yo.

vue_densemble_mucemotc-marseille_diego_ravier_31-12-2017_12-2 marseille-photo-blog-2





Friday, we went to Nice with my dad. We ate at Pizza Cresci! One of my fav pizza places of all time. They do half moon pizza with very generous toppings! I know this place from spending my summer for years in Cannes, where they have their other restaurant. I don’t feel 100% the taste but I know it’s good so I just try to eat as I can.

14374690_10209427394215721_587701285_o-2Top right, we can see the waiter finger… Ha ha




Then, we took a walk on the Promenade. It’s beautiful and a lot of people run along it! As we all know, there was an attack on our Independence day. Very sad story. As every French, and every people in general, I’ve been very sadden by it. We saw the memorial. Full of light, love and message of hope. So we took the time to stop and think a bit.


On the way back home, we stopped in a place called Les Issambres, between Sainte Maxime and Frejus (basically around Saint Tropez if you are not familiar with the South-East coast!)
The beaches in this area are very sandy and beautiful. My dad always says that these are his favorites!









At night, we hang out at R2 Rooftop in Marseille. Bakermat was playing that night! We found him cuter than in pics and enjoyed the set for 2 hours before leaving. Ends up we didn’t even see him! Ha Ha. We saw the DJ mixing for the opening. (Silly girls)
Well, we still had fun!

14339181_10209427401135894_346369880_o-2 14315734_10209373735914297_300541760_o-2The sunset view from the Mall “Les Terrasses du Port” rooftop! Beautiful.

Dressed up.

Wearing a silver pant, see that?


Saturday, we took a bus to Aix-en-Provence. A nice and very “high life” city, right next to Marseille. (Half an hour max away)

We walked, went shopping (Got some more Lush products for the bath and face mask! Yum) and got a Boba tea. (I don’t know why in Marseille, there’s like only two places I can get one from! In the US, it’s like everywhere … Aix-en-Provence has more Boba café)


Sunday, we take a walk around Marseille Prado. It’s a beautiful are of Marseille, along the water! Looking very much like California with its palm trees and surfers!
There is also a huge park next to it with people running and exercising. Like I said, very CALIFORNIA. Love it!

We went to take a drink at Sport Beach. I got a Mocktail (Cocktail without the alcohol). During treatment, I can’t! But anyway,  I don’t really miss it so no biggie!

14339224_10209427465497503_533115243_o-2 14273493_10209373736194304_536654558_o-2









Sabrina tells me that I look better than when she arrived. Meaning the color of my face and the tiredness level. Indeed, I feel more energetic and healthy !

My mum keeps making me smoothie! I love smoothie normally, but she makes the same every morning, lunch and dinner. Sabrina laughs but I just can’t take it anymore. Feel disgusted a bit since I’ve been drinking that for two weeks in a row.


Monday, I walk with her to the train station. She’s leaving, going back to her city and starting school.
I come home, rest a bit and find a beautiful baby lizard in the living room!


On tuesday, we take the apero during sunset with my parents.
Beer without alcohol, taste like Mojito. Very good. Often, my mum and my brother take some too! Just because they like the taste!


Tomorrow, Wednesday September 7th, it’s my second chemo!
I feel a bit nauseous at night and in the following morning. I guess it’s a body reaction because I try to not think about it.
Anyway, let’s do it, Round 2!

Chemo effects

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Wednesday, August 24th, I had my first chemo.

Everyone feels different side effects. I will talk here about the one I felt myself! Also, I read that some people felt good 3-4 days after chemo, while others needed a dozen of days before being back to almost normal. (Which doesn’t give a lot of time to get strengths back as this ABVD chemo is every 15 days).

Day 1 – Wednesday, August 24th

Back from chemo, I take a nap. I wake up at night for diner. I don’t feel nauseous (medications must be working good) but I’m really not feeling hungry. At some point, I smell a strong odor giving me almost a headache and yell

“What’s that ?”

My mum replies “Oups. Sorry I was getting fish filets out of the freezer”
The most funny part is that I was very far from her and usually, my nose sucks. Guess I became the new nose of parfums.
I decided to go back to sleep right after.

Day 2 – Thursday, August 25th

Still not nauseous, but damn! I slept all day long. Like 18 hours at least.
I’m a real bear! Or maybe this kind of dog .

My mum and grandma are spying on me through the half-opened door to get an idea if I’m still alive. “Oh yes, I saw her moved”
At some point, I wake up for a bit and go feed myself with Crêpes with no toppings (Well, I’m French, what did you expect?!)

Day 3 – Friday, August 26th

I feel more conscious that yesterday. But this time, I have nausea. So I take the second, optional, medication for it. I do not throw up. I just feel like … Anyway, I know it will end at some point. I have vomit. I’m scared of it and I could be hungover for days rather than just give up and do it.
I feel weak so I go to the kitchen and nibble on some frosties.
It’s great because it doesn’t have a smell and it’s dry! Perfect. Always loved Kellogg’s cereals.

At night, I feel better so my parents ask me if I would like to join their friends for a picnic on the beach to watch the sunset. Alright, let’s do it. I’ve been indoor for a while and actually can’t wait to step outside!
It’s really pretty here.

14315476_10209373735034275_231764522_o-2 14247927_10209373735154278_741137267_o-2







The Adults ask if I would like to join them for a slice of pizza. I’m not sure but I know I do like Pizza normally. I ask my mum and she says I can.

So, I take a little one. I eat but it doesn’t taste like anything.  Like bread with no taste. Hearing the others around saying how it’s good, I figure it’s coming from me. Well, I think I will wait for chemo to be over before going to gastronomic diner! Ha Ha.
My stomach starts working and I feel queasy again.
Alright, next time I will wait a little bit more before taking it to eating complex food.

Day 4 – Saturday, August 27th

I feel better but the night wasn’t easy. I really shouldn’t have eat this pizza!  It feels like that’s it!
I survived my first chemo and I feel good.
Few hours later, I got into intense pain with my jaw. Nervous pain. Also, I can’t open it much anymore. It’s blocked.

Unfortunately, this was the worst part for me and didn’t go away for 2 days. All my mouth and throat was inflamed. Despite the rigorous mouth wash 6 to 8 times a day. I feel like I have gingivitis, toothache, canker sores,  angina or sore throat and otitis. This sounds like a lot but I’m not even kidding! We called the hospital to inquire what should be done. They said that if ever it last more than 48 hours to come and get checked but in the meantime to take paracetamol.

Day 5 – Sunday, August 28th

Still in pain. Sometimes it gets better and then go back to how it was. My mum is pressuring me to eat. I didn’t touch any food as I really can’t move much my jaw… She makes me smoothies and liquid food at different time throughout the day.

At night, I finally feel better.
I ask my dad for some KFC. Ha Ha. I know it’s not the best of the healthy food but the thing is I’m quite disgusted by most of meal options so I’d rather try to eat with something I know I usually like. My jaw is still sore but the nervous pain is gone. I finish the 3 chicken tenders and finally feel a bit filled up in my stomach!
I last 20min in front of the TV with my parents before going back to sleep.

Day 6 – Monday, August 29th

Yes! I feel much much better!
I start eating normally. Maybe in smaller proportions but a bit of pretty much everything! I really want to go dip myself in the pool but I still have to wait few days for the bandages after the port surgery. Also, I can’t expose my skin to the sun. Chemo and sun aren’t good friends, I heard from the doctor…

At night, I receive my first shot of Granocyte, to stimulate my bone marrow to produce cells and avoid aplasia.
Nobody warned me that it has side effects too!
I feel exhausted and I can’t believe I have to go through 3 more nights of pain due to these granocyte shots on Day 6, 7 and 8.
Till now, I have kept my mind positive and busy but I have to admit, that night I was just really fricking tired of all of these.. I was just starting to feel better!

The shot gave me like bone and muscular pain. Like if I was growing up, except I wasn’t! (That would have cool otherwise Ha Ha)
Also, my belly was like burning inside. Probably the spleen.

My mum gave me a little massage on my back to try to calm down the pain and I went to sleep right after it.

My bed felt so uncomfortable that I keep switching sides and positions till I passed out late at night, beat.

Day 7 – Tuesday, August 30th

My friend, Sabrina, is coming today ! I’m still tired from the past night but I’m super excited to have her for a week. We are friends from high school and unfortunately we didn’t see each other since a while because of the distance. So, we have a lot to catch up face to face! I walk to the train station close to my house. On the way, I capture a Snorlax. Makes me feel like it’s my lucky day!


At night, I get my shot and go to bed directly after.

Day 8 – Wednesday, August 31st

Finally, the day has come I can see the end of the tunnel for a little while. (Well, one week till last chemo but nevermind! It’s great ! That’s all I was asking for.)
Tonight is my last shot of Granocyte! And tomorrow, I will feel relieved.
My dad changes my bandages and I go a little bit in the pool (just the bottom-half) around 5PM when the pool isn’t exposed to the sun anymore.


At night, I get my shot and we watch The Voice Kids (replay). It’s easy to watch and cute, I like it!

Day 9 – Thursday, September 1st

It wasn’t really easy but I got a great deal of support that made it achievable! So I’m really glad.
I know the coming days will be great to get some strengths back! I will go tour around with Sabrina and have fun visiting new places.
My stomach is a bit messy still but it’s temporary.

Next article will be on this awesome week I spend with her and my family before starting chemo round 2. 

Back in France and Cassis

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Hello friends,

I am back in France ! The flight went well and the last days flew by so fast ! I am a bit saddened to leave my boyfriend there and cut my stay two weeks shorter but I feel relieved to be back next to my parents. These past few weeks have been intense with all the stress, appointments and surprise.

I even did a panic crisis! Like a real and intense one! While watching The Diner Game with my boyfriend. I guess just too much to cope with and I felt drowning. But no! I’m very alive and I’m actually feeling pretty well !!!

Of course, I am starting the treatment  right now, so I will need a few days probably to update the blogs about everything going on!

On my planning, surgery to pose the MediPort, first chemo, first appointment with the Psy and the Gynecologist doctor for fertility, new haircut, my new hospital and the new oncologist who is helping me, the different treatment he propose, other free services offered at the hospital like hypnosis (haha sounds crazy and fun I like it!) and of course so more!
How to juggle bewteen class and chemo, how to do the hair and make up when the time will come to shave, … Who knows!

Btw, this is exactly why I titled this site Who stole my Mojo?

The cancer stole my Mojo but I’m gonna get it all back, my independence, my self-confidence, me feeling good about myself and how I look.

Bonus, I share with you few pics of Cassis, the beach city next to where I live in the South which is so beautiful and colorful! Let me know if you like it! (Ps – Another reason to come visit me!)

14124069_10209216266777667_551962365_o 14113929_10209216266657664_227661050_o 14037808_10209216267977697_160955490_o 14074403_10209216267177677_33081918_o 14123459_10209216268137701_1237422365_o

Cap Canaille

Mussels and Fries with my Mum

Cute little hidden street

Cape Cod, PET Scan and Stage

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Tuesday, July 19th, I have the appointment with the hematologist-oncologist ( the doctor for blood cancer). His name is Dr. Mark Sloan (Like in Grey’s Anatomy, I’m not even kidding !).
I joke with my boyfriend that he is not looking bad either!

My boyfriend is with me for this appointment. I think the announcement was pretty hard on him. And sad. For me and for him. We didn’t plan for this cancer but we had plan for a ton of stuffs. We have to, as we are from two different countries! We always do our stuff, plan to meet somewhere, live together for few weeks or months and come back to our life again.
It is not super easy but it works pretty good! It helps to know what happens next, so when this come in the picture, it is scary. Because we do not know how it is gonna be. If I’m gonna be able to do my internship in California in January and be with him there. Or, even, if I will be able to live and work in the US after my graduation from my French master (still 2 semesters to go). As I said, SCARY.

The appointment doesn’t bring up new stuffs. It is more to get to know the doctor and talk again about the diagnostic. See if I understand my condition and the importance of getting treated. And talk about my symptoms. He makes me do another blood work. This one more specific with a lot of different tracers specific for cancer like the sedimentation speed that are reviewed for understanding how agressive the cancer is.

The next step is the PET Scan. They proceed by injecting a radioactive content deriving from glucose. Then, we let it spread in the body for 1 hour. It goes in the places that eat the most, meaning the brain, kidneys, some in the bladder, but most importantly, in the cancer cells !
Because those cancer cells are spreading, multiplying and living longer than regular cells (hence, the cancer) they also eat more than they should.


TEP-Scan-SallyIn the area where they took off my 2 lymph nodes, new nodules have appear (proof that surgery isn’t efficient by itself in blood cancer like this).

More disturbing are the new tumors in my chest between the lungs.




  • Mid-April: Two swollen lymph nodes over the right collarbone but X-Ray of the chest is negative.
  • Mid-July: Two swollen lymph nodes are gone with the surgery but it looks like three new tumors appeared in the chest.

    It’s what is called a Stage II A ! More than two sites are concerned but they are all above the diaphragm. The A is because I do not display one of the three unfavorable factors. (I will do a post more in-depth about the Hodgkins Lymphoma later)

    I meet with the oncologist to discuss the results. He tells me that, for him, the best protocol to follow in my case is a 6 months chemotherapy treatment (ABVD type) and avoid radiotherapy because radiotherapy can cause secondary cancer especially in young ladies with breast cancers.

For him, it’s also very important to get some information about preservation of fertility methods. However, it is not covered by insurance in the US and I have a contraceptive implant in the arm, thus no current periods.
There’s a tradeoff: What is more important ? To preserve my fertility but push back the treatment to few months down the road or start the chemo and bear the risk of maybe be infertile?

I never thought about having kids, not even dreamed about. And I’m supposed to take a decision right now ? I just feel unprepared for all that. But I think my health comes first. However, I’m afraid to regret later.

My oncologist also seems to have switch position after the TEP Scan!
One week earlier he was telling me that my situation wasn’t really urgent, that it was caught early and that pushing back the treatment few months down the road will not impact the effectiveness of the treatment. But after the TEP Scan, he told me that it was preferable to start right away. I negotiated to be able to finish my class on August 12th and come back August 14th instead of staying for two more weeks and go to NYC with my boyfriend. I feel like I missed a great stay with him, I hope it will be possible to catch up on this missed opportunity in the future!

Despite everything happening in my life, I had the occasion to go to Cape Cod spend the day with some friends. We had a great time there and it was beautiful! Don’t you think ? (I even saw whales at large, I mean just the water coming out of their back tho)

14074306_10209215567840194_1741717485_o 14087612_10209215568160202_2117456974_o

Commencement, NYC and MRI

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Finally, May is here! The Commencement season.
There’s like thousands students waiting to walk in front of their family coming from everywhere in the world.

Boston is full of people, the weather is much better (means you can survive with only one jacket) and the days are filled with restaurants, champagne, shopping, regalias, speechs and ceremonies.

Good news, my dad is coming !!! I’m excited to show him Boston, he never went to the US even though I have been here on and off for three years (California and Texas previously). My boyfriend is also here! He joined me Mid-April and moved in with me. So I will have guests at my graduation ceremony.

And it was awesome !
ceremonie 14074530_10209197240982034_943134014_o-2


Since my dad is here and NYC is 4 hours away by bus, we decide to go.
(Look at those great tourist pics Ha Ha!)
Our stay in NYC goes well but I’m always very tired. Coffee breaks aren’t helping enough. My dad is a bit upset and feels like it’s just that i don’t want to spend my days during his stay with him.

Also, the CFA exam is getting closer. Only few days left to study, while I’m like very far in my study plan from being ready.. Additional stress that I think probably is resulting in me being more tired.

14113857_10209197543229590_1213940816_o-2 14060224_10209197544109612_892248785_o-2 14087336_10209197543669601_274876902_o-2

When we are back in Boston, my dad press me so I go back and see another doctor. To tell them that the lump got bigger, which I’m not even really sure is true as I didn’t pay close attention…
I’m not really pleased by waisting more time for that while I really have to get ahead in my CFA study in order to pass the exam. This just matters more to me than a silly lump with no symptoms!
But finally, I give up in the argument and accept to deal with it.
I go to the new doctor he went to meet in person few days ago and we all decide that the next should be a more in-depth exam of the mass: an MRI.

An MRI is a big tube in which we lie down for like 45min without moving. It also makes really weird and loud metallic noise. Before that, they had injected me with a contrast liquid so they can have better pics of my neck area.

The MRI shows a lump of a golf ball size. Pretty deep within the collarbone area. It doesn’t look like a cyst since it is not liquid but rather looks like a benign tumor. My doctor refers me to a Head and Neck surgeon.


Here in red, you can admire the Beast. (My boyfriend nickname it Bob FYI)
The upper part of the pic is my front chest and the lower part of the pic is my back.

The start of “I don’t know”

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Since January 2016, I’m in Boston. I’m doing a dual master degree with my French university Paris School of Business and with Boston University.

In France, I’m studying accounting, audit and consulting but I like discovering new fields and challenges so I just thought that getting an American master in Financial Economics would be good for me! Especially, since my boyfriend is living in California.

I kinda like Boston. It has its own charm. It is way smaller than NYC thus, it is really easy to just get anywhere plus it has a real history and old architectures mixed with modern buildings. There are also a ton of universities, like 50 of them, including the well-known Harvard and MIT.

A sunday night in late April, I’m watching the new episode of GOT (probably like EVERYBODY else). I touch my throat and feel a lump right above my right collarbone. I find it a bit curious so I touch the same place on the other left side but there’s nothing. As my dad is a doctor, I always find a moment for messaging him and ask silly things about health. I guess I just miss being home and that’s the perfect excuse to get some news.

14087651_10209197241142038_544841528_o-2He responds and say that there is probably nothing to worry about, like a cyst, but that just in case I should go check it out at the clinic.
My mum texts me like almost instantaneously. She is always the worry type, stressing about things (what I eat, how I feel, what I do) but that night, it is more to tell me “Are you sure you are not hypochondriac ? Hi Hi”.
Alright, I get it! I guess getting sick in the US is one of my biggest worry after I learned how much money the health system cost there! However, this time I got my own private insurance covering me 100%. Lucky me!

I decide to go to the hospital. Some nurses take my vitals sign and ask me my motive to visit.I get the physical exam done. The doctor shows me on the echo screen the lump. “You see, it seems liquid inside so it’s probably a cyst or a lymph node. But you told me you got no symptoms so there is no reason to get worry about it.”
He stills make me do a blood test and a chest X-Ray. All clear. I’m waiting few hours in an empty room almost regretting being here. Finally, I get the discharge and I’m able to go home.

The thing is I really feel tired since January, like I can’t manage to wake up early. My classes are all in the late afternoon so for that, there is no issue but I’m trying to get started and study for the CFA exam on June 4th.
You’re supposed to pitch in 300 hours to get through the 2,500 pages of the curriculum to pass. I’m setting alarms at 9AM and every 15mins after that but I still don’t get on my feet before noonish.


I blame it on the weather. Boston is pretty cold in the winter (you don’t survive without layers … not really looking sexy like in California huh ) and the heater in the apartment works only halfway… Brrrrrrrr!