Week in Paris

Sunday, September 25th

I arrive pretty late at the train station in Paris. Paola come get me and we go eat at a restaurant around. Then I go to Mika’s apartment where I stay.
Tomorrow, I have class at 8AM. Like the all the following days (except wednesday).

Monday, I wake up and head to class for 8AM-7PM non stop. There’s even a worse day than that! Thursday, 8AM- 8.30PM! Wow

The challenging part is not only to make it as a long day of class but also to run during lunch break to get my Granocyte injection at a nurse office, next to the school.

After class on Monday, I’m very tired. But I’m pretty proud to have gotten through the day.

Tuesday, I have to start the Granocyte shot series and I’m afraid of feeling painful during class. Finally, it’s hurting but it would be hurting at my house too so I try to ignore the pain and listen to the teacher. I have a bad moment of intense fatigue but it gets better few hours after.

I go home after class to rest and then decide to join some friends at a bar at 10PM to see a band play. The band is really great and the bar atmosphere is cool!


I last like an hour and half and then go home to sleep at midnight.

Wednesday, I have class a bit later so I take the time to wake up. Friday is coming up fast and I’m supposed to go home in the South right after class.. I text my best friends to meet up at night so I can finally see them.

At night, we meet with Paola and her boyfriend, Jules (my supermate while in California) and Thibaut (a great friend from medical school and later on, my roomate). We laughed so much that night, my ribs were hurting!

14466283_10157424615750548_1678215553_o 14513645_10157424616245548_743253072_o












My friends wearing my wig Ha Ha!

Thursday, I am so tired. The shots of Granocytes are not making it easier neither. I’m present in class but my brain is dead. I go home and sleep after it’s over.

Friday, after class I go with Mika and his roomate to a friend’s place in the South of France, not very far from my place, for her bday. In Montélimar.

I was supposed to go home but I negotiated the night off with my parents! We do a nice diner at night and the morning, we go to the farmers market get fresh food for lunch.
After eating, I go home.




Get the energy back

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Thursday, September 1st

I have 6 days left before next chemo. I feel better!
Yesterday, I went to Cassis with my friend and my mum.

I took a nap under the umbrellas.

Today, we are visiting Marseille with my friend Sabrina. The museums, the Mucem and the Mediterranean Museum. They are really well done and interesting! Plus, they are free for young adults 18-25yo.

vue_densemble_mucemotc-marseille_diego_ravier_31-12-2017_12-2 marseille-photo-blog-2





Friday, we went to Nice with my dad. We ate at Pizza Cresci! One of my fav pizza places of all time. They do half moon pizza with very generous toppings! I know this place from spending my summer for years in Cannes, where they have their other restaurant. I don’t feel 100% the taste but I know it’s good so I just try to eat as I can.

14374690_10209427394215721_587701285_o-2Top right, we can see the waiter finger… Ha ha




Then, we took a walk on the Promenade. It’s beautiful and a lot of people run along it! As we all know, there was an attack on our Independence day. Very sad story. As every French, and every people in general, I’ve been very sadden by it. We saw the memorial. Full of light, love and message of hope. So we took the time to stop and think a bit.


On the way back home, we stopped in a place called Les Issambres, between Sainte Maxime and Frejus (basically around Saint Tropez if you are not familiar with the South-East coast!)
The beaches in this area are very sandy and beautiful. My dad always says that these are his favorites!









At night, we hang out at R2 Rooftop in Marseille. Bakermat was playing that night! We found him cuter than in pics and enjoyed the set for 2 hours before leaving. Ends up we didn’t even see him! Ha Ha. We saw the DJ mixing for the opening. (Silly girls)
Well, we still had fun!

14339181_10209427401135894_346369880_o-2 14315734_10209373735914297_300541760_o-2The sunset view from the Mall “Les Terrasses du Port” rooftop! Beautiful.

Dressed up.

Wearing a silver pant, see that?


Saturday, we took a bus to Aix-en-Provence. A nice and very “high life” city, right next to Marseille. (Half an hour max away)

We walked, went shopping (Got some more Lush products for the bath and face mask! Yum) and got a Boba tea. (I don’t know why in Marseille, there’s like only two places I can get one from! In the US, it’s like everywhere … Aix-en-Provence has more Boba café)


Sunday, we take a walk around Marseille Prado. It’s a beautiful are of Marseille, along the water! Looking very much like California with its palm trees and surfers!
There is also a huge park next to it with people running and exercising. Like I said, very CALIFORNIA. Love it!

We went to take a drink at Sport Beach. I got a Mocktail (Cocktail without the alcohol). During treatment, I can’t! But anyway,  I don’t really miss it so no biggie!

14339224_10209427465497503_533115243_o-2 14273493_10209373736194304_536654558_o-2









Sabrina tells me that I look better than when she arrived. Meaning the color of my face and the tiredness level. Indeed, I feel more energetic and healthy !

My mum keeps making me smoothie! I love smoothie normally, but she makes the same every morning, lunch and dinner. Sabrina laughs but I just can’t take it anymore. Feel disgusted a bit since I’ve been drinking that for two weeks in a row.


Monday, I walk with her to the train station. She’s leaving, going back to her city and starting school.
I come home, rest a bit and find a beautiful baby lizard in the living room!


On tuesday, we take the apero during sunset with my parents.
Beer without alcohol, taste like Mojito. Very good. Often, my mum and my brother take some too! Just because they like the taste!


Tomorrow, Wednesday September 7th, it’s my second chemo!
I feel a bit nauseous at night and in the following morning. I guess it’s a body reaction because I try to not think about it.
Anyway, let’s do it, Round 2!

Back in France and Cassis

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Hello friends,

I am back in France ! The flight went well and the last days flew by so fast ! I am a bit saddened to leave my boyfriend there and cut my stay two weeks shorter but I feel relieved to be back next to my parents. These past few weeks have been intense with all the stress, appointments and surprise.

I even did a panic crisis! Like a real and intense one! While watching The Diner Game with my boyfriend. I guess just too much to cope with and I felt drowning. But no! I’m very alive and I’m actually feeling pretty well !!!

Of course, I am starting the treatment  right now, so I will need a few days probably to update the blogs about everything going on!

On my planning, surgery to pose the MediPort, first chemo, first appointment with the Psy and the Gynecologist doctor for fertility, new haircut, my new hospital and the new oncologist who is helping me, the different treatment he propose, other free services offered at the hospital like hypnosis (haha sounds crazy and fun I like it!) and of course so more!
How to juggle bewteen class and chemo, how to do the hair and make up when the time will come to shave, … Who knows!

Btw, this is exactly why I titled this site Who stole my Mojo?

The cancer stole my Mojo but I’m gonna get it all back, my independence, my self-confidence, me feeling good about myself and how I look.

Bonus, I share with you few pics of Cassis, the beach city next to where I live in the South which is so beautiful and colorful! Let me know if you like it! (Ps – Another reason to come visit me!)

14124069_10209216266777667_551962365_o 14113929_10209216266657664_227661050_o 14037808_10209216267977697_160955490_o 14074403_10209216267177677_33081918_o 14123459_10209216268137701_1237422365_o

Cap Canaille

Mussels and Fries with my Mum

Cute little hidden street