Why this site ?

There are stuffs that we learn about at schools or in the book but how to react when we face sickness isn’t one of them. Especially when we are young and all about planning things for our future life as adults.

When I learned about the diagnostic, I had two options:

To talk about it to my social circle or to manage it low key and act like nothing happen around people. Take some months off or even a year for myself to heal in private?
But what if it comes back, if it lasts years? So what, should I refrain myself from living my life?

Well, what we can agree on is that nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. Thus, instead of pausing my life, I want to live on, enjoy and grow stronger from this experience I didn’t ask for.

This site allows me to get my ideas water clear and realize what is happening to me as well as telling my story, keep my family and friends updated and raise awareness about this disease.

I feel the need to write about it as a self-therapy and show what we are going through.
By the bad times, fears, struggles, pain but also and more importantly by all the love and support we get, the time we spend with family that bring us closer, the testimonials of other patients that profoundly change how we see life and ourselves, the incredible medical breakthroughs and the invincible hope.

It is a choice to share its cancer condition. A lot of patients still don’t.
Because of fear, of shame, or because they think the foundations of their life won’t hold pass the earthquake.
I personally believe that sharing it with you will make me stronger.

So, for this, I tell you Thank you!

XoXo,                                                                                                     Sally